Sulfates on Your Crowning Glory

Sometimes when you take a shower and you are about to shampoo your hair, you wonder what these liquid really do to your hair? Are the components in this product safe enough to entrust your crowning glory with a shampoo you don’t really know enough of? Does it really do the cleaning you require for your hair to keep it beautiful and clean?


You really think that looking at the labels of your shampoo bottles is really a necessity. You wouldn’t want to put anything on your body which has a potential to harm it, wouldn’t you? You have been hearing about shampoos that do horrible things to your hair especially the ones that have sulfate as one of their ingredients. But what does sulfate do to your hair anyway? It would help if you check sulfate free shampoo list on the net, but do you have to really do away with shampoos with sulfate as one of its components?

Sulfates are actually surfactants. Surfactants are a mixture of molecules that can bond both water and oil. This amazing property allows shampoos, soaps, and other body washes to separate oil and dirt oil from your skin or hair and then allow the water you rinse it with to remove it from your body and flush it down the sewers.

Without sulfate, cleansing products won’t work and would not be able to maximize its cleaning effects. Sulfate is the responsible ingredient that does the particular cleaning action that strips the body of natural oils and proteins and makes the skin healthy.

There are two types of sulfates. One is naturally derived and the other is synthetic. SLS is made out of Lauric acids which are derived from palm kernel oil, petroleum, and coconut oil. They all contain a high quality and quantity of lauric fatty alcohol. It is then neutralized with sodium carbonate that makes sulfur and oxygen combine and so with the rest of the fatty acids.

The fad of sulfate free shampoos actually started in 2007 and has been steadily increasing since then. But is it really bad to put it in shampoos to increase its cleaning effect?

Procter & Gamble created the first shampoo in 1930 that used a sulfate base, forever changing the world of hair cleaning. The shampoo is called Royal Drene Shampoo.

But are sulfates safe? They don’t cause cancer. There is no evidence yet to date that points out that sulfates have anything to do with cancer. This has been discussed by the American Cancer society plenty of times.

Why do people use sulfate-free products if there are no cancer risks? Is it because they can be irritating as most surfactants are? This irritant is caused by the reaction of the chemicals that make them good dirt removing agent that strip away protective oils. But as for safety, expert recommendations like the ones given by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review found sulfate-laded products to be safe if used and rinsed properly.

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Choosing an Ideal Patio Cover

Every home owner who has decided to install patio covers and pergolas know of the significant improvement in terms of looks and functions it has added to their patios and garden landscapes. A lot of other homeowners are catching up and the number of them who are considering of installing patio covers are steadily growing. Patio covers provide cool shade from midday sun so that homeowners and guests can lounge in the patio and have a few snacks. Covered walkways also serve the same purpose. They are aesthetically pleasing as they are functionally great, making it a very worthwhile investment.


In choosing a pergola kit for installation however, a lot of customers naturally lack the experience in design to actually pick one that’s a perfect complement to their respective house designs. There are some things to consider when ordering DIY and custom pergola kits. Aside from the obvious required knack for design, things like materials and number of pillars are some of the things to decide on.

In terms of choosing the patio cover’s material, there are only two main choices. Wood is the more popular choice since it arguably looks better with woody vines creeping on the pillars and nestled up on top of the beams. Although compact fiberglass is the less popular choice, it is slowly getting more and more popular due to today’s trend in designing and construction of modern structures, households in particular. Modern designs are minimalist and are influenced by solid geometric figures. Because of this, the texture of fiberglass fits perfectly.

Another consideration is having a freestanding or an attached pergola. These options not only differ design-wise but also in terms of their respective prices. Freestanding pergolas are a little bit more costly because it needs more pillar to be erected. Some may argue that it can need at least two but such a structure is heavily cantilevered and is not structurally sound. Attached pergolas need less pillars due to one side being attached to a wall. It can stand on at least one pillar or two depending on the layout and design. One other thing to consider is having either roofed or without a roof. For some, putting a roof is the sensible option since it provides more shade. However, there is still artistic merit for ones that have vines as an emulated roof.


There are several dealers and manufacturers of pergolas online with a lot of designs to choose from. It’s recommended to buy designer pergolas here since the kit can be customized depending on the customer’s specifications.


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Hair Growth Shampoo From Nisim

If you are in the market for a hair growth shampoo to answer that hair loss problem, Nisim International’s NewHair Biofactor Shampoo: this is recommended most. Nisim International’s NewHair Biofactor Shampoo is formulated to be the best hair growth shampoo that can deliver results as fast as 7 days. NewHair Biofactor Shampoo was made from the active natural ingredients found on plants known to help hair growth and development.

This is a recommended shampoo for people who which to use a product that has only natural ingredients proven to promote fast hair growth. When you use NewHair Biofactor Shampoo, you get a product for hair growth safe for use and can help your hair grow healthy the way you want. Hair loss can be quite troublesome to deal with especially when you tried a lot of hair care products. Using NewHair Biofactor Shampoo for your hair loss troubles removes the need to seek other hair care products. It is formulated to have everything each strand of your hair needs to grow strong and healthy quickly. NewHair Biofactor Shampoo contains the necessary nutrients for your scalp to produce healthy hair. Hair production is much faster when your scalp is nourished. Hair grows faster when the scalp is free from dirt and oil. This shampoo also helps clean your scalp by removing dirt and oils. Using NewHair Biofactor Shampoo ensures you have a healthy scalp that could also produce healthy hair. You could save more money by opting for NewHair Biofactor Shampoo to handle your hair loss problems. NewHair Biofactor Shampoo offers proven fast hair growth when used by itself. Unlike other hair care products that would require you to purchase additional hair care products for best results, NewHair Biofactor Shampoo can give you the results promised alone. You no longer have to spend more money on other hair care products that do not deliver what is promised.

Nisim International offers hair care products at reasonable prices. Not only will you get quality hair growth results as promised, you also get the best deals for your money’s worth. Nisim International also offers a lineup of natural hair care products to keep your hair and scalp healthy. You can check out its other products from its site See how its products could help you with your hair loss problems from this source. Order NewHair Biofactor Shampoo now and see the fast hair growth results you always wanted. Just go here.

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Hair growth after illness

downloadZSIf you have lost all of your hair due to chemotherapy or another illness, you no doubt want to regrow hair quickly. While hair re growth can begin within days of stopping treatments, the hair growth process after an illness can be drawn out.

The first thing you will notice once your hair starts to grow back in, is that it can be sparse in places and that it may have changed in texture. While it may be tempting to encourage any amount of re growth after losing all of your hair, you need to give your locks some time to recover, thicken up and fill in before you start to re grow them.downloadhbk,

This part of the process can take several visits to the salon before your stylist gives you the go ahead on growing your hair out. During this time, your stylist will likely recommend short layered haircuts, which will be easy to style and make your hair appear thicker until growth is evident on all parts of your scalp. Once you begin the hair growth process, you can proceed just like anyone else trying to promote hair re growth. Choose cuts that are both stylish and that will grow into a longer style without much headache.

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Convenient Solutions For Hair growth

images (1)xazdWe’ve all had those terrible experiences at the salon where we asked for a particular cut that was just inches shorter than what we started with only to come out of the salon with a much shorter do than what we bargained for. And you can bet that if the stylist didn’t give you the cut you wanted, the cut you have is probably in poor shape itself.

Hair growth after times like these needs to come in steps. While you may not want to, the first thing you need to do after getting a bad cut is to go and get it cut again. The reason why is that you need to get a style that you can work with, one that is evenly cut, and a style that is poised to re grow hair. Doing this will eliminate a  lot of the frustration that you feel during the hair growth process and will give you a style that you can be proud of in the meantime.images (1)Sff

The first visit after a bad hair cut is critical to your hair growth success. Together, you and your stylist can examine the style that you would eventually like to achieve and discuss the re growth process and how to cut your hair throughout the duration. The right cuts will ensure that you remain stylish and stress free during the hair growth process.

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